Requirement specific Dark Fibre

Up until now, the majority of optical fibre networks have been built by carriers who control the total capacity of the fibre and provide a variety of managed services to a large number of customers. Aurora Telecom provides Dark Fibre network services specifically designed to meet the requirements of the growing corporate network. With dedicated point-to-point or resilient network connectivity, it securely connects multi-site enterprises within a metro area. In a business context this means that information can be shared between multiple office sites in an instant at a fraction of the cost of traditional carriers.

“Information can be shared between multiple office sites in an instant at a fraction of the cost of traditional carriers”

Features of Aurora’s network

Wide Reach - Aurora Telecom's fibre-optic network has a significant reach nationally. We interconnect with other local, national and global carriers and terminate at all key Datacentres. This enables us to offer our customers unlimited bandwidth fibre solutions across Ireland that interconnects large urban areas.

Highly secure, resilient networks - Within the city centre, our network tracks the gas main pipeline, therefore it is physically diverse, deeper and more secure than other providers.

Bespoke, custom solutions - Aurora's Dark Fibre solution can be designed to deliver point-to-point or point-to-multi-point configurations. Our experienced team adopts a flexible approach in assisting and recommending the best bespoke solution for your requirements. With Dark Fibre in place, the customer can build different types of networks from basic point-to-point Ethernet to Carrier Backbone DWDM networks.

Speed of roll out - Aurora can offer rapid installation at lower costs than traditional methods. We can also provide turn-key solutions for all future break outs and reconfiguration works.

Cost Savings - Aurora's dedicated Dark Fibre solutions provide a much lower cost of ownership than standard telco products and is significantly more affordable than lease lines. A fixed price over the term of the contract regardless of bandwidth is a key benefit.

Scalability - Our infrastructure provides the perfect foundation on which to build scalable, Dark Fibre based solutions. Your dedicated fibre package means unlimited bandwidth and a network that is designed for you, built, operated and maintained for you.

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