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Aurora Telecom is undertaking an ambitious project to roll-out an ultra high-speed fibre optic network linking Dublin to the West of Ireland. The project will see the installation of more than 330km of fibre-optic cable that will pass major regional locations including Galway, Athlone, Mullingar, Tullamore and Ennis. The fibre-optic route traverses directly cross county and benefits from the standards applied to safeguarding Bord Gáis high-pressure gas pipelines, such as regular aerial and foot patrols to ensure no outages through third party interference. Moreover, its specification, innovative construction methodologies and maintenance procedures are best-in-class, resulting in a highly reliable and secure network service.

The Fibre to the West project signifies a major development for Ireland. It makes an open-access fibre optic network available to both telecommunications carriers and corporate organisations to support high speed data, voice and video services. Critical infrastructure such as this holds a pivotal role in Ireland's development as driver of economic activity and foreign direct investment. It is recognised as being a key enabler to develop a Smart Economy, driving competitiveness and growth through supporting Next Generation Networks and digitally-based services.

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