Aurora's bespoke dark fibre is high capacity, resilient and scalable. It provides the highest possible performance and maximum security. Customers light the fibre and maintain direct operational control of their network.  Customers also have the flexibility to deploy any service protocol. The network solution can be designed to deliver point-to-point or point-to-multi-point configurations. Our Dublin and Shannon MANs provide dark fibre in ring topologies, ensuring resilience and ease of access.

Dark fibre for Carriers

For carriers, Aurora offers a truly open access dark fibre network. It is a carrier class network which has been designed for multi-tenant utilisation. Our open access model facilitates multiple carriers to offer all high speed services including bandwidth, voice, video and data services.

Our dark fibre enables carriers to build competitively priced enterprise network solutions for multiple clients and / or connect network assets in a more cost-effective way.  We ensure carriers get the flexibility and control they need. With our dark fibre services, carriers can construct different types of networks from basic point-to-point Ethernet to Carrier Backbone DWDM networks.

Our state-of-the-art network specification (with best-in-class security, resilience, performance and latency) is particularly suitable for high capacity data transportation and international connectivity.  This makes it the perfect solution for carriers' fibre requirements. 

We appreciate that carriers have varying service and commercial requirements and we offer a range of commercial options including standard lease and long-term IRU agreements etc.

Dark fibre for Corporate

For corporate customers, we offer bespoke, dedicated, un-metered and completely secure, high-speed fibre connectivity.  Our network specification is of the highest quality with best-in-class security, resilience, performance and latency. It is particularly suitable for high capacity data transportation and international connectivity.  This makes it the perfect solution for the fibre requirements of international data centres, multi-national enterprises and companies investing in Ireland. It is also the perfect solution for large corporate and public sector organisations in Ireland.

We appreciate that businesses have varying service and commercial requirements and we offer a range of commercial options including standard lease and long-term IRU agreements etc.

Co-Location Services

Aurora's facilities, located at Point of Presence (PoP) sites on our national network, have been designed to provide customers with highly secure co-location facilities. 

Customers can locate their hardware and equipment using our fully-serviced facilities.  Services include power, data centre standard air-conditioning, 24/7 CMS monitoring Infra-red CCTV with active monitoring and high security levels. The facilities have been constructed to provide customers with a comprehensive dark fibre service, with a maximum spacing of 80km on the network.

Why Choose Aurora's Network & Dark Fibre Services?

Connectivity - we own and operate an extensive national backhaul fibre network.  We are continuing to invest in our network to support customer needs and to maintain our position as Ireland's leading open access, backhaul dark fibre service provider. We also own and operate one of the most extensive dark fibre networks in Dublin. Our Dublin MAN provides network interconnection with all key data centres and with all available local, national and global carriers.

Superior Network Performance - our network specification is of the highest quality.  As a result, high performance and low latency come as standard. The fibre and joints are best-in-class with a technique, unique to our network, called fibre blowing utilised during construction. This results in a high performing and low latency network. We also utilise best-in-class joints to minimise optical losses and any operational disruption during routine maintenance. Our network utilises Corning fibre optic cable, the industry leader and preferred cable for network performance to support high-bandwidth applications.

Security & Resilience - quality and resilience are at the core of our network proposition. As a dedicated private network infrastructure, it is highly secure. Our carrier grade network is tested and engineered to meet or exceed "five nines" high availability standards (99.999%). We provide very fast fault recovery through redundancy and our Dublin MAN is constructed in ring topologies to ensure industry-leading network redundancy.

The Aurora network ducts and cable are laid adjacent to the gas main pipelines.  As such they are more physically diverse, deeper and more secure than other network infrastructures. They also benefit from the standards applied to safeguarding high-pressure gas pipelines.  Such measures include monitoring, regular aerial and foot patrols to ensure no outages through third party interference, and further protection with the ‘dial before you dig’ facility.  As a result, Aurora's network has an unbeaten record in the industry, for the highest levels of network uptime / operational availability.

Our network's specification, innovative construction methodologies and maintenance procedures are best-in-class, resulting in a highly reliable and secure network service. We use in-house engineers and long-term civil and fibre contract partners for network construction and maintenance. In-house certified Fibre Characterisation Engineers with extensive qualifications and experience, ensure robust network testing and monitoring. 

Bespoke, Custom Solutions - a dedicated fibre package ensures unlimited bandwidth and a network that is designed, built, operated and maintained to meet each customer's needs. We work with each organisation to develop and deliver the best solution for their business's requirements.

Scalable & Flexible - our network provides the perfect foundation on which to build scalable, dark fibre based solutions. We ensure the highest possible levels of scaling speed, responsiveness and flexibility, enabling your business to grow network capacity as its bandwidth needs increase.

SLA & Support - we have a best-in-class service level agreement (SLA).  We have a single point of contact for customer service and offer customers industry-leading support levels.

Financial / Corporate Strength - Aurora is a division of a secure and financially stable multi-utility business which is 100% owned by the Irish State.

Trusted Service Provider - our customers are some of the largest companies in telecoms, online and social media, content, retail, financial and other industry sectors in addition to the government sector. We are a trusted service provider to Irish and global enterprises in these and many other sectors.

Deployment - we offer rapid installation at lower costs than traditional methods. We can also provide turn-key solutions for all future break outs and reconfiguration works. We respond quickly to requests with our knowledge and understanding of your technical needs.

Cost Efficient Solution - our dark fibre enables customers to construct all connectivity, communications and business services at a fixed cost.  We offer highly competitive pricing and our dedicated dark fibre solutions provide a much lower cost of ownership than standard telecom products, with a fixed price over the term of the contract. We can offer a range of commercial options including standard lease and long-term IRU agreements etc.

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